Monday, September 2, 2013

1: introduction to the internet

One thing I am never ever going to do is to take the internet for granted again. To think that twenty years ago, everything was so different. Yet in our lives now, at least in Singapore, no one can imagine a life without the internet. It has changed the way we live. Everything is so accessible and people now have the opportunity to customize resources according to what they want to view  or listen to online. 

For me, the internet has allowed me to expand my limited worldview. I have been able to listen to the greatest composers & musicians from any/every genre, watch the Olympics in HD, and read news from news sources around the world. I am so very grateful that I can be educated by the best from every field through the material available on the internet. 

I have always been intrigued by how the Internet works but never ever had the patience or motivation enough to research the architecture of the internet. Now that I know of the complex and seemingly slow and painful process of the development of what we now call the Internet, I am humbled by how we get to enjoy the 'fruit' and 'harvest' of our technological 'forefathers'.

Social media, in a very short period of time has become a leading platform for individuals to trade information in all areas of life. Human life now is so integrated with the Internet. It is hard to imagine life without the convenience of the ability to check out information when and where we want to. 

One thing that has really helped is the availability of health information online. With all our medical and technological advancements, it is to our benefit that such information is there for us when we should need it. However, the downside to it is that no one knows what is true and what is false. Therefore, it is important that people choose and filter information so that they will not be on the receiving end of inaccurate medical advice. 

From this interesting article I found online, it IS mind boggling to realize that more people own mobile phones than tooth brushes. How gross is that?! However, it does prove a point that even when people can choose between personal dental hygiene and technology. They choose technology. #weird 

This is bad. Very bad. Very very Bad. Of course, we do understand that a certain percentage own more than one mobile phone as they are very busy people. On top of that, we see the power of the lure of accessibility to the Internet. As I digress; I have to profess my love for gifs. ^_^ & here is one for you! 

Have a beautiful day! 


  1. I find it absolutely interesting how it says that 1 in 11 humans use Facebook. But it seems that by 2016, Facebook might just be the largest 'country' on Earth. Seems like that kind of population boom is what Singapore needs ;)

  2. I totally agree about the fact that the Internet has expanded my limited world view, for which I am so grateful! Imagine if we had been born 30, 40 years earlier... we might not get to truly reap the benefits provided by the fruits of our technological forefathers :)


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