Monday, November 25, 2013

7: Internet Security

I am sure everyone has heard of WikiLeaks. I, like everyone else heard about how this website "leaked" information to the government. I do not know how this works and still do not know how it works. However, what I want to point out is that the Internet is forever and whatever you do, good or bad is etched in internet history. Time and evidence proves that what is on the internet that has supposedly been erased can be retrieved through many ways. 

Julian Assange, believes that his work and organisation, WikiLeaks, will change the world. Below is a video in which a short clip is shown to the audience. The short clip shows American soldiers shooting innocent citizens and laughing about that. 

This only further proves that what is recorded and stored offline or online (especially), can be hacked and  the information 'leaked' to outside sources. If the government databases can be hacked, what more can we say to that. We are just ordinary systems with (often) only a basic security system at home. There are many things that we do not know yet about the internet.  

Sun Tzu said that 知己知彼百战百胜。Which means that we need to know ourselves and our enemy if we want to win. In this case, we might think we know alot about ourselves, even if we really do, we do not know the internet. It is so huge and big, and through class, we have realised that there is so much  potential and unknown space in the Internet. 

Even though we are still unfamiliar with all the inner workings of the Internet, people still choose to do many things online. Online banking, filling in random forms, giving out information freely, not being conscious of decisions that are made when they are online... etc.

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  1. Yes I agree that the internet is a really dangerous but functional place. What we do will always leave a print even if its 'erased'. Thus, I think it is important for us to take precaution of the things we post and share on the internet.


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