Sunday, November 24, 2013

3: Social Networking

Social networking is important in today's day and age. I mean, all people do nowadays is look at their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts. Social media has officially taken over the world, and therefore, social networking has now become essential for businesses if they want to market themselves better to their target audience.

On top of that social networking is now possible for people in different countries. What used to be letters, became long distance phone calls, which became emails, and then texts and then social networking sites. Due to the effectiveness of social networking and the convenience it brings. Businesses go international. This brings them more eyeball traffic and more sales.

This has also generated different opportunities for companies to expand themselves. On top of that, many other kinds of employment become available through social networking. Social networking has become a platform for many kinds of interactions to happen.

Networking used to be done face to face. Now networking has graduated into a whole new level. What people used to take days to plan meet ups and meetings can be done within minutes as long as you have the basic equipment.  

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  1. So true about how social networking is now more involved in companies and organisations! Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are like the commonly used social platforms for networking. I like the picture of the levels of intimacy too, so cute!


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